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We love parties! 

Here at Tito Events we want your celebration to be a perfect personalized party, planned with every attention to detail that ensures the never-fading smile on your guests face.

Whether it’s an intimate sumptuous family meal, a loud and proud extravagant celebration for hundreds of people; or a classic but lavish elegant celebration for fifty of your closest friends, we can set the exact tone for an unforgettable celebration. Contact us on 07063092360 or email: titocakesevents@ymail.com.


Children's Party

Children parties are often themed, which aids in putting together a coordinated look. For example a circus themed party may include colorful décor, brightly colored tableware, circus themed games, foods and party favors, and entertainment by a local clown. While a cowboy theme birthday party may feature cowboy hats, barbecue, and pony rides. Children’s parties also often include party favors such as balloons or small toys.
Our skilled and knowledgeable organizers will successfully plan your Kids party with lots of fun making it a great and memorable event.

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